Mouse pointer location controls ball movement.

Missiles can be wrapped in your chain to prevent them from harming your base.

If a missile touches the base while free from the chain, the game resets.

If you're interested in doing art for this game, email me at

Made with GameMaker Studio: Professional and HTML5 export

Public build #7

-Fixed a rather large bug that I somehow failed to notice for a long time (hitting wrapped enemies with your ball didn't kill them)

-Messed around with the chain and ball physics values. Feedback for that here:

-Chain now draws below the ball, excluding the last link

-Updated graphics!

-Now runs on Android web browsers

-Enemies changed to neon red missiles

-Missiles can change orientation while wrapped, which should make the game run smoother and look better

-Missiles now have a couple particle effects, cancelling out any efficiency gained from the aforementioned change

I'd like to thank everyone for playing. It's very exciting having people enjoying and playing the small part of a game featured above. It keeps me going, and I really do appreciate it!

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