This game was my submission for Ludum Dare 27!

IMPORTANT: Read before playing!

This game uses mouse controls to perform all actions. Pressing left mouse button on an object grabs it, and releasing left mouse button lets it go.

This game uses somewhat convoluted conversion mechanics. Due to the time limitations of Ludum Dare, I wasn't able to fully balance the difficulty of the game before it was released. With that in mind, please take note of the following resource conversion mechanics.


The chute appears on the right side of the screen, and performs the following:

-Recycling bags into recycled paper and cardboard

-Cardboard into folded cardboard boxes


The truck appears on the side of the screen, and performs the following:

-Recycled paper into salable reams of paper

-Shipments into points!

-Note: After a few arrivals, the truck will require a number of shipments before time runs out! The number needed is displayed on the side. Putting in extra shipments will earn you points, but will leave you with less packages for future demand.


Open boxes are created from recycled cardboard, and when combined with two reams of paper, create a shipment!

Don't worry about putting extra resources into the truck or chute, as they'll be returned after the chute or truck disappears.

Extra resources can be disposed of by throwing them out the truck entrance!

High score isn't tracked by the game, so make sure you take note of it before closing the dialog box popup to restart the game.


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